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Fall Harvest Kookies for Dogs (Set of 3)

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This set includes three kookies: Maple & Chicken, Blueberry & Beef, and Honey Turkey Pumpkin Spice. 

Infused with rich meat broth and packed with organic berries, vegetable sand chunks of our crunchy meat brittle, these nourishing grain-free kookie bars are a super healthy snack for refueling after a long walk or zoomies in the park. 

Crunchiness Factor: Medium-Soft


Maple & Chicken Kookie: Chickpea flour, chicken brittle, chicken broth, maple Blueberry & Beef Kookie: Chickpea flour, blueberries, beef broth, beef brittle
Honey Turkey Pumpkin Spice: Chickpea flour, pumpkin, turkey broth, honey, ginger, cinnamon 

Guaranteed Quality: 100% local meat, 100% human-grade, 0% antibiotics or hormones, 0% preservatives and 0% artificial colors