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Your doggy loves you unconditionally. So why compromise when showing them love? Give them krak'ems - premium all-natural all-meat brittle, and they will love you even more!

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Healthy, Wholesome and All Natural Human-Grade Dog Treats High-Quality Gourmet Treats for Picky Dogs and Puppies Unique, Artisan, Locally Sourced Made in USA Dog Treats
Krak'ems are wholesome dog treats made from human-grade poultry and meat with no additives, artificial coloring or filling. These grain free, soy free, sugar free, low sodium, no wheat dog treats are safe for all pups, including diabetic dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs. Delightfully crunchy and incredibly flavorful, krak'ems are a more premium and delicious alternative to conventional jerky. Dubbed as "puppy crack" by dog parents and media, our all-meat brittle have proved to be the best treats for even the most picky and finicky dogs.  Krakems are handmade in New York City, with all poultry and meats sourced from the small local farms. Krak'ems are produced in small batches in limited quantities to ensure premium artisan quality, so these unique treats make a great gift for dogs and dog lovers!


More doggy parents every day are making their furry munchkins happy by treating them to krak'ems. So what are you waiting for?! Give your doggy a chance and fetch some now!