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Our Story

All the way up to the tippy top of a beautiful and large city, where nature blossoms, lived two fluffy white sisters Lilly and Lulu.

One day, frustrated and fed up with the numerous recalls on treats from overseas, the sisters begged their parents to bake a batch of home made snacks.

So their humans set out around the neighborhood and found the most natural, tasty and wholesome ingredients available from local farms.

Then in the truly old fashioned way, in a modest little oven, they baked the most deliciously crunchy treats ever.

The sisters were so happy!!! They crunched and munched, cracked and enjoyed their new favorite snackies, and called them “krak’ems”.

Lilly and Lulu started sharing krak’ems with other doggies during their morning and evening walkies, making lots of new friends.

Soon the word spread among the furry munchkinsin the city about the new crunchy deliciousness, and every doggy in town now chases the little white bag with krak’ems instead of rabbits in their dream.

And so our story begins …