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12 Pawsome (and Important to Know) Facts and Stats About Dog Insurance

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With vet care costs rising every year, it is important that your doggy is covered by a good dog insurance. All dog insurance plans reimburse you for the treatment of your furkid’s illnesses and injuries,  with some plans covering prescriptions, hereditary problems, cancer treatments, annual vaccinations and wellness visits, and even things like fees for finding a lost pet. So please make sure to get at least some kind of insurance for your doggy. We included some facts and stats about dog insurance in this post that we hope will help you make a right decision!

fun and important dog insurance facts

Pawsome and Important Facts and Stats about Dog Insurance:

  1. The pet healtchare costs are rising faster than human healthcare; yet less than 1% of pet parents have pet insurance
  2. The average cost of routine vet expenses for dog owners is $257 per year and $474 per year is spent on surgical vet visits
  3. Dog insurance is used more often than think: nearly 50% of pet insurance policyholders file a claim each year
  4. Chronic conditions contribute to 35% of pet insurance claims
  5. One of the most common pet insurance claims for dogs is allergies
  6. Dog insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions
  7. Dogs are more likely to be insured than cats: 85% of all policies are for dogs, and only 15% are for cats
  8. Almost every 3 seconds a pet receives emergency care in the US
  9. 1 in 3 pets gets emergency vet care every year
  10. Dog parents visit the vet on average 2.7 times per year
  11. The average emergency vet visit costs dog parents about $349 per year.
  12. The five most common dog health issues are Skin Allergies, Ear Infections, Non-Cancerous Skin Mass, Skin Infections and Arthritis

Finally, when choosing the dog insurance make sure to consult with your vet, and maybe even your groomers.

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