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Our Review of Yorkie Splash and Shine Shampoo and Detangling Spray

Posted by Konstantin Augemberg on

yorkie splash and shine shampoo best artisan dog treats little ls krak'emsMy sister Lulu and I love our long hair like any girl would, but sometimes, no matter how much our parents brush and comb us, our hair still gets matted. They had tried so many different shampoos and conditioner, some with oatmeal, some with chamomile or other herbs, yet the results were almost all the same: dry hair that starts to mat after only a few days.

Recently we were introduced to Yorkie Splash and Shineproducts. Even though we are not Yorkies, we have heard so many good things from the doggies of other breeds about YSS that we decided to give them a try. At first, we only wanted to try their detangling spray, but our friends from Yorkie Splash and Shine sent us the shampoo and conditioner as well. It was so generous of them!!!

The detangling spray worked  miracles on Lulu's tough mat, and turned my (Lilly's) hair into silk!!! Our parents now use it between the baths to keep our hair moist and tangle-free. And it smells so good! During walkies, Lulu loves to roll in the grass and rub stinky stuff on her coat, so our parents use it almost every day now! It feels so good to snuggle with our parents after using this spray!

After getting such amazing results with spray, we decided to try shampoo andconditioner. Our parents ran a nice warm bath, lathered us up with shampoo and finished with conditioner. Our coats were super silky, shiny and soft, and the smell was amazing! Next day, our daddy could still smell us from another room! And the best part is that unlike other shampoo fragrances, YSS smell does not make us sneeze!

Three weeks after daddy took us to the groomer and took along the products and he insisted that they use Yorkie Splash and Shine on us... It was like going to a spa. From now on we won't settle for anything less Yorkie Splash and Shine is by far the best! And our groomer now wants to get some for his salon!

Being makers of local artisan dog treats ourselves, we love and use exclusively all-natural and local and made in USA products. We strongly recommend trying the Yorkie Splash and Shine products to our furry friends!

Lilly and Lulu

PS (Lulu is busy looking at herself in the mirror, so I'll be the YSS model today)