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Foster Dogs NYC Big Dogs Adoption Event

Posted by Konstantin Augemberg on

"fosterOn Sunday, July 27, we had a great honor to be a part of the Foster Dogs NYC’s first Big Dog Adoption Event. The Think Big event attracted many New Yorkers for a chance to meet (and hopefully take home) over a dozen doggies from different foster families, shelters and rescue groups. Little L’s was happy to help future doggy parents to bond with their potential furry children by providing free treats. This awesome event was graciously hosted by Camp Canine, located just steps from Central Park.

Despite being very busy handing out krak’ems to humans and dogs we still found a moment to snap a couple of photos for you to enjoy! Humans and dogs alike had a wonderful time playing and socializing, and at least two dogs found new families! Of course, it is not too late to visit Foster Dogs NYC website and look at the profiles of other doggies who are in need of new loving homes!