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Foufou Fabulous!

Posted by Lilly & Lulu (Little L's) on

Last week our parents ordered us new fabulous winter bomber jackets from Foufou Brands, and we received them just hours before nasty snowstorm hit Manhattan. Next day after the blizzard, we got a chance to test our beautiful coats while playing in a fresh snow. The moment we put those coats on, we fell in love with them!!! As real New Yorkers, we know that clothes should not be just about making a fashion statement. It should also keep your doggy warm and still be comfortable to let them run around. The Foufou coat exceeded our expectations on all these counts, so we decided to share our review with our doggy friends and their human parents.

On the photo below: Lilly looks FABULOUS in her new Foufou coat

The coat comes in our favorite hot pink camo color, but it is also reversible, with the second color being plain lavender pink (if you have a doggy boy, you will probably prefer coat in black & gray camo). The coat also has a stylish faux fur trim hoodie (so no other animals were hurt to keep us warm!), and fully functional pockets where we keep krak’ems for us and our doggy friends. Our daddy, who is not a morning person and is usually sleepy and grumpy when he takes us out for a morning walk, LOVES the velcro closures! They make it super easy and fast to put our coats on. The velcro also makes the coats sit snug and fit, and keeps our bellies fully covered from cold and dirt.

On the photo below: Lilly and Lulu are scaling the highest natural point of Manhattan in their new coats 

The coat is sleeveless, and it makes so much easy for us to run and climb the snow piles and other heights! We had a great time climbing our favorite rock in Bennett park which also happens to be the highest natural point of Manhattan. The coat is also made from a waterproof fabric, so even after running and rolling in the snow, we stayed warm and came home dry and clean.

On the photo below: Lulu is chasing Lilly in the snow

On the photo below: taking a break after playing in the snow

We love our new Foufou coats, and look forward to wearing them this winter!

Note: the opinions in this blog post are solely Lilly's, Lulu's and their parents, and are not influenced by any other parties. We did not receive any kind of compensation for this review. All products in this review were purchased by Lilly's and Lulu's parents on Amazon.