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Creating Our First Masterpiece With Help of Pup-Casso Art Kit

Posted by Lilly & Lulu (Little L's) on

Just like every doggy, we appreciate fine arts, and often go with our parents to the art galleries (alas, New York City museums are not so dog friendly). However, our own attempts at creating a masterpiece, using the rug in our living room as a canvas,are often left unappreciated or even met with resistance from our parents. Fortunately, this weekend we finally got a chance to try our paws at real painting - thanks to the pawsome Pup-Casso art kit, which we received as a gift from our friend Joanna from Art-Casso.

This extremely affordable and easy to use art kit allows any doggy to paint their own masterpiece, without getting their paws dirty! The kit includes paper canvas (three pieces, just in case), five tubes of non-toxic acrylic tubes (come in blue, red, yellow, black and white colors), three plastic shield, a frame, and a surprise gift:

We decided to paint our first masterpiece together. After opening the box, our parents placed the canvas on the floor, and thinly spread paint all over it in swirls. Red is Lillys’ favorite color, and Lulu loves yellow, but we also added some blue, white and black. Our parents then covered the canvas with plastic paw protecting shield, and we started jumping, stomping, dancing and walking all over the shield. With pieces of krak’ems as incentives, painting our piece was even more fun!

After a while, the shield was removed, canvas was air dried, and the artwork was placed in the hall where everyone now can see it in all its glory: 

Did we mention that Pup-Casso kit also included a surprise gift? It is a very cute toy, but we won’t show it to you (otherwise it would not be a surprise, right?). We loved our Pup-Casso so much that we decided to share this review on our blog. We can think of dozens of occasions when this pawsome art kit can come handy! It would make a perfect and unique gift for your doggy friends. You could also use it for fun group activities at dog parties and pet fundraising events. And, of course, with Art-Casso doggies can create memorable gifts for their human parents and friends! This is exactly what we will do with remaining two canvases: we will paint something beautiful for our parents this Christmas.

You can purchase Pup-Casso kit on Art-Casso website (use code LITTLELS for free shipping!) .