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Little L's Lots of Love Initiative

We were adopted a few years ago by regular folks just like you... the daily love, care and attention that we have received ever since has made our life and the lives of our human parents more important than words or licks can describe. Because of our own story and the cries of others we know how important it is to lend a helping paw to those in need, we have dedicated this page to those extra special people that carry the biggest heart for humans and animals alike. We proudly stand by some remarkable charities and organizations that work so tirelessly to make the life others more meaningful. Every time you purchase our Lots of Love edition treats, we donate up to 20% of sales to help these charities continue their important mission.

Currently, we work with the following charities and organizations:

Twenty Paws Rescue
Foster Dogs NYC
Angel on a Leash

If you know a charity or organization that strives to make the lives of dogs better, and think that they could benefit from partnering with Little L's, please ask them to contact us.

Thank you for being such a Pawsome Person!