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Get free dog collar and treats for your dog, and gifts for you and your friends!

Get this beautiful BLING BONE dog collar for FREE ($19.99 value)

free dog collar -
(available in XS, S, M and L sizes and

rosy red/baby pink/rose pink/sky blue and jet black colors - please specify which size/color you want)

We will also include FREE shortbread cookies made by Kanpekies, an artisan bakery in Brooklyn ($3 value) - for YOU!

(available in vanilla/lemon flavors - please specify which one you want)

Your pup will also get FREE 6 holiday treat packs of our premium chicken brittle
($3.99 value)

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What's the catch?

All you need to do is just to purchase 2 bags (small or large) of our premium all-meat brittle for dogs!

Also known as krak'ems, our treats are handmade in New York City from locally sourced meats.

We use only premium ingredients like chicken and turkey breast, pork loin and beef steak - no by-products like liver or lungs!

Unlike jerky, our brittle is delightfully crunchy and does not stain teeth. In fact, it is the crunch that drives dogs CRAZY!!!

Our treats are always FRESH! They are baked to order, and will be shipped to you straight from our oven. We promise, your dog will smell them while they are in the mailbox!!!

We guarantee that your doggy will LOVE to krak'em!

So what are you waiting for?! Give your pup a chance to try our krak'ems!

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This offer is available for US residents only.