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Little L's Monthly Club

Does your doggy love our krak'ems so much that you keep ordering them again and again? Now you can get even more of our treats and other goodies with our worry-free monthly subscription plans!!! In addition to free shipping of your monthly package, each plan includes a unique surprise birthday gift, individually packaged samples of our treats or seasonal promotional items (Easter, Halloween, and Christmas), seasonal holiday gifts for you and/or your doggy (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and New Years), and a unique personal discount code (up to 18% off) that you can use any time to purchase any additional items! 

All these pawsome features are available as long as you are enrolled in any of our subscription plans. All plans are risk free: you can cancel any time! The billing starts on the first day of each month. The packages are shipped on the first week of the month. 

* Subscription Plan includes one free birthday gift. If you have more than one doggy, you can add additional gifts for a small one-time fee

* Each month we will send you 4-6 individually packaged samples of our treats; on Easter, Halloween, and Christmas the package will contain our holiday promotional items

* In the months of February, May, November, and December your package will include a special gift for you and/or your doggy to mark a corresponding holiday (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year)

* A unique personal discount code will be issued to you so you could purchase any additional items from our store; it can be used only by you.