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Bacon & Cheese Woofull for Dogs

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Special Offer: Buy one or more woofulls, and we will include ONE EXTRA for free! Please note: this offer is limited to one free woofull per order. 

If you are to serve breakfast in bed for your dog, our newest creation is your best choice. An aggressively hip take on a classic human treat, our "Woofull" is a fusion of doggy delights: pork brittle chips, pork krumbs, cheese and rolled oats soaked in rich pork broth and baked to perfection. No side bacon needed. Limited time only. 

Crunchiness Factor: Soft

Bow-Wow Factor: Pork is a natural source of vitamin B12, iron and selenium. Oats are a healthy alternative to wheat and other grains, loaded with linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid that helps to keep skin strong and healthy. Cheese is loaded with calcium, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A and B.

Ingredients: Rolled oats, pork, cheese, pork broth. 

Guaranteed Quality: 100% local meat, 100% human-grade, 0% antibiotics or hormones, 0% preservatives and 0% artificial colors